2009 January 18

You Want To Train Your Poodle?

Great! But keep in mind that Poodles are different than other dogs and should be treated and trained differently too.

Hi, my name is Emily.

I created this blog because I wanted to show other Poodle owners the right way to train their Poodles. On this page I’ll tell you how Poodles react to training and what’s the quickest way to teach them all you want them to know.

You see, I own two Poodles myself (they are named Kiki and Leo and you can see their pictures below). They are true Poodles in every way – they are very intelligent, affectionate and good natured, but also very energetic and can easily become bored. So, to make their lives better (and mine too!), I decided they need to be trained. And I decided to do it myself.

But the problem was, I didn’t know anything about dog training and so I hit the net…

Finding the right information is next to impossible

This is Kiki - my black Poodle

Here's my Kiki playing with her ball

I searched through blogs, read forums, posted questions on answer sites, and went through just about every other resource I could find. I got A LOT of information, but the problem was that everybody had their own perspective on dog training. So, I ended up using one method when teaching my dogs how to sit, and a completely different one when I was teaching them to lie down. Because of that, the more commands I was trying to teach them, the more confused my Poodles became.

In the end I realized that this was not going to work. What I needed was a complete training method that I can follow from start to finish. So, in order to get that, I decided to buy a couple of ‘well respected’ books. Surely, this was going to work!

Even the best dog trainers don’t agree…

So, I opened the books, eager to get started. But imagine my surprise when I found the same problem all over again. Once more, each book was teaching me a different approach to training. And what is more – they all insisted that their way is the only one that. So how is this possible?

Well, you see, all of the authors had a lot of experience with dog training. But the problem is that they mostly had experience with training a specific dog breed. So if they were mostly training German Sheppards, they used a training method that works best for German Sheppards. And if they were training small terriers, they used a different method – one best suited for terriers. But what about my Poodles?

I think my father loves Kiki and Leo even more than I do

I think my father loves Kiki and Leo even more than I do

So which training method works best for Poodles?

Obviously, the most effective Poodle training method would have to take into account specific characteristics of this breed.

  1. Poodles are very intelligent – because of this you should always vary the training and try to keep it interesting. If you don’t, your Poodle will get bored and stop cooperating.
  2. Poodles are extremely proud dogs – because of that they should never feel humiliated during training. You should never give them confusing commands.  If you do, they will get agitated and will start to reject training altogether.
  3. Poodles are sensitive – because of that you should never use harsh training method or resort to punishment. If you do that, you might end up with a very timid or nervous dog that will be almost impossible to train.
  4. Poodles are very interested in everything that goes on around them and can be very energetic – because of that you have to careful that you use the right training method. Otherwise, even if they listen to you when they’re indoors, you’ll loose all control once you take them outside.

With that in mind, I started my search for the ‘best Poodle training book’. As you can imagine, it took me quite a long time, but I have finally found what I was looking for. I found this great book, called “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer“, which has worked like magic with my Kiki and Leo.

Once I started with this new training method, they both responded really well. One big difference was that they began to enjoy their training sessions. And they started to learn new things almost every day. I was actually able to teach them 2 new tricks the very first day - which I think is just amazing.

Now I’ve been using this method for about 2 months and both my dogs are already very well trained. When we’re outside they both come the first time I call them, and if they’re on a leash they walk the way I want them too, not the other way around as it used to be. I remember being yelled at because they were jumping on people, but now we get admiring looks every time we go for a walk.

So if you have a Poodle and are interested in training, I highly recommend this book. Take a look at it yourself – just click on this link.

A little more about what you’ll learn from “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer”… And why is this so important…

The first thing you’ll learn are some basic commands, like sit, shake, fetch, stay, come, heel…, and also how to eliminate all the common dog problems. By these I mean biting, jumping, barking, digging, and, of course, going to the bathroom in the house.

If you have a little Poodle puppy, you should start training your dog as soon as possible. This is the time of their life when they are most impressionable and also most responsive to training. Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer covers puppy training really well – you’ll potty train your baby Poodle, teach him not to bite (you or the carpet), and learn how to develop that special bond that should exist between you and your dog.

Well, without going into too much details, let me just say that Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer covers all aspects of training and it does so in a fun and easy-to-understand way. I think that you’ll really enjoy your training and so will your dog. So if you have a Poodle and you want to train him (which you should!!!), I think that you can’t go wrong with this training program. I checked out many different books and this one is by far the best for training Poodles. So do your dog a favor and get the book – I promise you, this will be the best gift your Poodle will ever receive.

Here’s a page where you can get the book or learn a little more about it:

Click Here –> Best book for training Poodles – Ever!

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  1. 2009 January 20
    Sarah M. permalink

    Wow! Your poodles look adorable!!! I have one white poodle and I think that poodles are just great. I always wanted my poodle to know some tricks but he never wanted to learn :( .

  2. 2009 January 20
    Razza permalink

    I totally agree with you Emily! My mom had a Border Terrier and she was nothing like my Zooey who is a Poodle. IMHO Poodles are the best dogs period! And they are great to train.

  3. 2009 January 23
    Poodle Lover permalink

    Finally somebody who knows about this book. I’ve been telling all my friends about it and nobody’s ever heard of it :( . But you’re definitely right. This is THE BEST dog training book ever written. My dog, also a Poodle :) , could not be house trained. I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked… until dog training secrets that is. It helps you think the same way your dog thinks and once you do you can train your dog with no problem.

    Great post with great info!

  4. 2009 January 30
    Jenny Wheeler permalink


    I have a Labradoodle. That is a mix between Labrador Retriever and Poodle. Do you think this book would be OK for me?

  5. 2009 February 1

    Hi Jenny,

    I don’t have any experience with Labradoodles, so I really can’t answer your question. Why don’t you contact Adam Katz, the author of Professional Dog Trainer Secrets. He’s just a great guy and I’m sure he’ll be glad to answer your questions.


  6. 2009 February 8
    brandon permalink

    Poodles Rock!!!

  7. 2009 February 13
    Pat Danning permalink

    I found your blog about 2-3 weeks ago. I was intrigued so I went and bought the book. Now I came back to say thank you.

    My Ewok, a black toy, was trained before, both at home and professionally at local kennel. I was pretty satisfied with training and Ewok know all the important commands. The problem was that he always decided whether to listen to me or not. If I was holding a doggy treat, he would do what I want, and if I didn’t, he would simply ignore me.

    With this new approach, from the Professional Trainer Secrets, everything seems a bit easier and Ewok has become a very obedient dog. People are now asking me how I did it and I’m sending them to your blog. Thank you for the good advice. I wish you and your dogs all the best.

    Pat Danning

  8. 2009 February 14

    I love the pictures of your Poodles! They are great.

  9. 2009 February 15

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to hear you liked the book.


  10. 2009 February 27
    Tessa permalink


    Nice blog. You certainly have a couple of cute dogs here. I was searching for a book for training Poodles and I just might try yours. thanks.

  11. 2009 March 2
    Michele permalink


    Leo is soooo cute. He looks a bit like my Cavie. Maybe they should meet. They would make a perfect match. ;)


  12. 2009 March 14
    Jacqueline permalink

    Can I get this book to France?

  13. 2009 March 14

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Yes you can order this book from France. You can actually download the book to your computer from wherever you are.


  14. 2009 March 17
    s-zaaam permalink

    You have 2 very cute dogs. Post more pictures. Please.

  15. 2009 April 5

    As for dogs, do you know any reliable resource where one can find all the local dog kennels?

  16. 2009 April 20
    Zheng permalink

    when is it a good time to start training your poodle puppy?

  17. 2009 April 21

    Hi Zheng,

    If you know it or not, you have begun training your poodle puppy from the first day you got him. Everything interaction that you have with your dog could be considered training. So even if you don’t start teaching him how to sit and shake right away, you should know as much about training as possible.

    Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’re eating a sandwich and your dog is sleeping on his mat. You call him (or somehow get his attention) and give him some food. You might not know it, but in so doing, you are training your dog. Your dog will learn that if you call him it’s good to come to you - something you probably want him to know. Your dog will also learn that if you’re eating he can get some food himself, which will probably lead to begging - something you might not want your dog to do.

    So you are training your dog all the time. And when your poodle is still a puppy he will be much more impressionable and will learn quicker than ever.

    Now if you’re asking when to start ‘formal’ training. Well it depends who you ask. If you ask me, you should start as soon as possible. Just make sure that your dog is having fun. Don’t try to force him to do anything, don’t overdo it and don’t frustrate your puppy. If you’re training a young puppy your training sessions should be very short - just a couple of minutes - and even shorter if your dog gets bored.

    I hope that helps.

  18. 2009 April 28
    Annatjie KENNEDY permalink


  19. 2009 April 30
    Elizabeth C. permalink

    Hi Emily,
    I just got a 6 month old miniature poodle. He is a treat that’s for sure,but also a handful. I am going to buy the book today, but any tips in the meantime for housebreaking? He does use the pads, 90% of the time, but he refuses to go outdoors. I have never had a pet and want to make sure that I the habits Paddington are forming are good ones.
    Thanks and I look forward to the book.
    Elizabeth C.

  20. 2009 May 2
    Joyce Russell permalink

    Emily your poodles are just so sweet looking—I had just brought my 4th poodle He is a toy black– can only see his eyes my first poodle was a red one — this was in 1980. when he died–I had to have him put to sleep–the animal hospital call me three times that night she said he stressing in the incubator. He had a heart attack about three days before and and I had to do it on the 23rd of Dec1996—-I thought I would never get over it –then the vet called and had a poodle that needed about four months later. I fell in love with Fancy a Silver poodle— She was really sweet her owner had brain surgery and she was placed in a nursery home. her husband was divorceing her and didn”t want the dog she 13 months when I got her and in October 2007 she died from pneumonia. I moved my parents up here on my propery —well fancy decided she wanted to live with Mom and Dad–so I let her stay at their house—in 1998 I saw a women at the park that had 2 puppy they were mixed and black as soot—my sister in law and brother took one and I took the other—well after a few times taking Pepper up to moms—she decided she was comming home– so I ended up with two sivers except for peppers head stayed black. well pepper died on march 11 this year pepper was the greatest dog–We both said no more dogsbut the house was so quite–so three weeks ago I brought a little poodle–He will be three months the 11th of this month—–

    This is going to be a small toy—-He is giving me fits and I think he is not up to using the pads I have in the house–there will be times he will use them and then just go anywhere– I also take him outside he likes that but he going so often I miss him as in to late–he has a completly different in temperment–I will be 70 in June does anyone have any idea of how to get Boo-Boo more interest in going to the right place than plaing all the time. I need a little help. Thank you another poodle lover

    Joyce Russell

  21. 2009 June 2

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

  22. 2009 June 4

    I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

  23. 2009 June 11

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m glad you liked the post. However, I wouldn’t want you to copy it to your site. Why not just put a link to this site? I have nothing against that.

  24. 2009 June 12

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  25. 2009 June 13
    JaneRadriges permalink

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  26. 2009 June 18

    Thanks much for post. It is very imformative read.
    I enjoy to browse poodletrainingblog.com!

  27. 2009 July 6

    I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

  28. 2009 July 6

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  32. 2009 July 25
    LayElay permalink

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  33. 2010 January 12
    Patty permalink

    Just got a toy poodle for Xmas. Love her to death. She sleeps well, goes in crate at 9PM and up at 6AM without a peep.

    Here is my problem: Housetraining: She goes well when we bring her out but we bring her out 10 times a day because she doesnt let us know when she has to go. We guess. Still has some accidents.

    Nipping: Has periods where she won’t stop nipping at legs and hands.

    * Also, constantly wants to be held. Lately she has the habit of running away like it is a game when you go to get her and not coming when called.


  34. 2010 April 3
    LESLIE HARRISON permalink

    If anyone has previous experience with their Miniature Poodle’s pregnancy…. I have some questions?

  35. 2010 October 18
    Steve permalink

    Hi, I love this article!. Poodles are great, intelligent dogs. I have a Poodle and a Yorkie and God knows I’ve worked very hard to train them properly! Their love and attention pays off for the time and effort. :) So much that I decided to open up a blog to share my thoughts, LOL!

  36. 2010 November 11
    Cris permalink

    I own a male toy poodle who’s about 4 months old. Our poodle easily gets bored ’cause our family is out all the time because me and my siblings are at school and my parents have work. It makes me feel guilty that he has to live like this everyday. Is there any activity that he can do while we’re not around?

  37. 2010 November 15

    Hi Cris,

    I don’t really know how to help you. Some dogs like to play with their toys when they’re alone, while others do not. Just be careful that you buy toys that can be used without supervision. You should know, though, that dogs sleep around 12-18 hours per day. So it might be that your dog is really OK with the alone-time it gets.

  38. 2011 January 28

    I admire the valuable information u offer in your message.
    That is very authentic & fantastic.
    I am very impressed to watching your free article of training a puppy .

  39. 2011 February 22
    Jim permalink

    We have a 11 month old black Standard Poodle and she is so lovable and gentle with us but she wants to pounce on small animals and has killed 2 wild rabbits in our back yard. I want to put a stop to that, but not sure what to do

  40. 2011 August 2
    Khiarah permalink

    I have 2 dogs and 2 problems. I have perfect poodle named Romeo but always poops in his create?? I tried taking him out for walks yelling at. Popping his nose and also leaving him out all day long. but he is still a puppy and i guess he does not know. And i have a pomapoo and he bites me alot and my vet said he is hard to train because he still half of an other breed and he is hard to trian could you help me with both please email me. But after that my poodle is the best he listens very small and not yappy at. All not my pomapoo

  41. 2011 August 18
    Chanequa permalink

    Hi there, I have a poodle named Penny, 2 years old. She hasn’t been trained at all :( I know terrible me. Do you think it would be too late to start now? As she has many bad habbits… maybe they will just be harder to break because we didn’t do it right from the start? or no chance at all?


  42. 2011 September 5

    Hi Chanequa,

    We have all heard the saying that you can’t teach new tricks to an old dog, but this is wrong. Trust me, I have seen it over and over again. Old dogs are very trainable. You might need a little more time and maybe a little more patience, especially at first, buy you can definitely train an older dog (not to mention that at 2 years, Penny is not old at all).

  43. 2011 October 30
    Lynda permalink

    I love your blog and I am interested in any info you can share about poodles, I have one and Iam trying to train her. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 2011 December 29
    Sulamiet permalink

    I have 02 Min French Poodles. Both are a little over a year old. They are fairly well behaved. My problem is I wish to train them to walk at my heels rather than lead the way [I understand this is preferable with me being the "pack leader"]. They also get super exited whenever we encounter other dogs along the way and would end up very vocal on their hind legs jumping toward the other dog(s). I am not sure how to fix this. Any advise?

  45. 2012 January 15
    Poodle Lover permalink

    Poodles are so intellegent!! I may be biased, but the poodle enthusiast in me wonders why everyone doesn’t have one!!

  46. 2012 June 16
    Cynthia permalink

    Thank you for the info. I just got a 3 week old poodle and I wanted to start training her right away. I’ll take a look at the book you recommend and report back how it was.

  47. 2012 August 1
    Benjamin permalink

    So my sister and I are raising a red Standard Poodle, and for the most part we have her well trained. The only issue is having her come when we are outside and she is off-leash. We have tried almost everything, and we are having trouble motivating her to obey. Food only works when she isn’t having fun outside, and toys don’t work at all. I was wondering if you had any ideas for me and my sister.

  48. 2012 August 6

    Hi Benjamin,
    What you are talking about is quite common. Dogs follow your commands at home, but when you go outside they stop listening to you.
    You should start by teaching your poodle all of the commands at home first. Then, add some distraction and go over all the commands again. Do this until they are listening to you despite the distraction.
    After that, increase the distraction, and repeat.
    Your initial distraction should be small – maybe just having another person in the room. Then have that person make some noise or jump around, anything that your dog might consider fun. After some time, you might try taking your dog to an unfamiliar location, while still remaining inside.
    Now you’re ready to take him out. Have him on a leash and take him someplace where there’s not much people (none, if possible) and not much that interest him…
    This is the way this works. You are slowly preparing the dog to listen to you while increasing distraction. It will take some time, but in the end you’ll have a poodle that listens to you even when outside, and even when there are other dogs around.

  49. 2012 September 1
    Hanna permalink

    Hello is this an actual book they mail u or does it have to be on the Internet

  50. 2012 September 8

    Hi Hanna,

    The book comes in a downloadable e-book format. The way it works is this:

    1. You purchase the book and pay for it online.
    2. You are taken to a new webpage where you will find the download link and instructions (don’t worry, it’s easy and you won’t really need them)
    3. You then download the book to your computer and…
    4. Start reading it (you can then read the book directly from your computer screen, print it out, or read it on a dedicated e-book reader, iPad, or other similar devices)

    That’s it. Because it is downloadable there are no shipping costs, no handling costs, and you get it immediately after paying.

    I hope that helps

  51. 2013 February 5
    Poodle lover 5235 permalink

    Hi Emily,
    I love ur blog! I’m getting a 4 month old standard Poodle I was wondering do u think u should train urself or hire a trainer? Its my first poodle! ;) thx!!

  52. 2013 February 13

    Hi Poodle lover 5235,

    I believe that everybody can train their own dog. And it’ll be a great thing too, since it will really help to build a bond between the two of you. Just make sure you educate yourself first. Find a program to follow and make sure you know what you’re doing before you start.
    If you decide to follow a book, for example, I suggest reading the entire book first, before you get started. This way you’ll be doing it right from the day 1.
    And most importantly: Make sure you’re both having fun!!!

  53. 2013 July 7
    Christy permalink

    I love my toy poodle his name is crackerjack he is a good dog

  54. 2013 July 23
    Yankee Poodle permalink

    Hi Em, Love your blog. Had a white mini when I was a kid. We named him Friskey. My dad brought him home had him in his coat. When he started to take it off and I saw a little ball of fur inside we all started screaming. I was 6 then. We had him till he was 14. He started getting sick and then my mom brought him to the shelter. She said it was one of the hardest things she ever had to do. We all loved that dog so much.
    I used to trim him myself when I was a teen I made him purple and then one time I made him green for Christmas. Anyway, I just decided I want to become a dog groomer. It’s always been a dream of mine. Right now trying to find a way that I can get the education for free cause they want $8700.00. for 6 months. I have lived in NY almost all my life. Two years ago my parents, daughter and I moved all the way down to Florida (just got divorced too) Life is so different down here. So many horse farms down here it’s like being Upstate but no mountains. I father passed away about a year ago so its just us girls now. I would love to get another poodle right now but need to make more money right now to do it. So as soon as I start making some more money I would love to get a red one. One of my fvorite things I did with Friskey was making him do tricks. I would get him to walk on hind legs and twirling, shake his paw. Your book sounds interesting though. Thanks for your blog. Patty G PS. Your poodles are adoreable

  55. 2013 August 15
    Brendan permalink

    Hey Emily!
    I’m getting a poodle soon! (yay) If you can recommend a good book on training poodles for me to buy, that would be great! I’m looking for a well trained dog, so I feel that a concise and easy to read training book would be perfect, however, I haven’t been able to locate said book yet. So please, if you could show me a good book to buy, that’s be awesome! Book!

  56. 2013 August 22
    Margo Kuhn permalink

    Hi Emily, I am new to this blog. I rescued an abandoned poodle mix puppy, age 7 1/2 mos. now, about 1 1/2 ago. I am ordering this book, as she is an adorable puppy, but I have been having fits house training her. She won my heart and I love her so much. By thie picutes I have seen of poodles, she has very little anything but poodle in her. She is affectionate, playful and good to not chew up things. I hope this book helps me. If I can train her to be a good dog, I will be in 7th heaven.

  57. 2013 September 17
    cj123 permalink

    Hi Emily,

    i just recently got a toy poodle 8 wks old. do you have any advice for training? i work all day and unfortunately i have no one to watch or sit with the dog while im at work. I am starting a routine with the dog and putting him in a crate while im at work. I feed every morning before i go to work and take him out about 20 -30 mins after he has ate. However he will not use the bathroom outside. do you have any advice?? i dont want to find a new home for him. please help.

  58. 2013 October 2
    Desiree diggs permalink

    I am receiving my puppy, Friday and very excited to take care of him, he is a standard poodle and I have prepared the things that he needs to get him aclimated, to his new surroundings and I will be getting the book that you have suggested, I am eager to put in place the techniques in the books, as I have research a lot of things that apply to taking the best care of my dog, we have always had small dogs, so this is a big change for us, I am so happy I found your blog, thanks for all the great information. And looking forward to a lot of happiness with our new puppy.

  59. 2013 October 31
    Julie permalink

    Hi I need help with our poodle Annie who is now 7 moths old. I am at a loss of what to even try the kids love her, but also wish she would settle down and not chew chase and bite their heals. I don’t know why but I also like her even thought her favorite game is to run away if someone loved to play tag she would be the best. So I tried the leash trick and she did very well to come and follow a few commands but the second you give her to much lead or off the leash she is gone. She has got outside and it’s hours of trying to catch her dangerous where we live. My husband is done we have had dogs that grew old with us and were a member of the family they were so easy to train. And now my husband has even said she isn’t even cute to me anymore. Annie is a spaz to put it lightly she was originally trained on potty pads and we got her at 2 months old because she was not able to learn where to potty so the original owners held her all the time never putting her down so for the first month she came home with us she just loved not being held she didn’t even want it and not being food motivated I was at a loss. We tried taking her outside and she goes but she also thinks all blankets, beds, couches , even the towels in her kennel are potty pads. The nesting trick doesn’t even seem to work on her. Her food and water dish sit on a little micro fiber pad so it won’t slip. And she will pee right in front of her food dish if she doesn’t have a bed or blanket to pee on. We even set a timer every two hours. But when I thought just this month maybe I should just use a potty pad she used it but now loves to shred it to bits. She is not food motivated so I can say I have never trained a dog that acutely seems like she might be short a few. I am at the point of also giving up as I feel that I have been bested by this darling little dog that might be a little devil in the cutest disguise ever ;) don’t even know if I should spend more money as I feel like I am not qualified for a poodle I had it so easy in the past with our dear pets now departed I never thought of myself as not being a dog owner anymore but I will say our darling Annie has made me think a cat might not be so bad. Thanks for any help you have to offer I almost bought the book from the great things you said about it but my husband said why are you spending more money on her when nothing works. Julie

  60. 2013 November 19
    Reg permalink

    Hi Emily,
    Im very impressed with the wizdoms on poodles youve been handing out.Poodles are special dogs and have vast hidden potentials.In earlier years i bred and showed them and had a fantastic time. A famous poodle identity in the usa , had previously spent 20 years with all breeds of dogs,then she married a poodle fanatic.She was bowled over by the breed. She stated “I do not believe there is any other breed of dog in the world as interested in and affectionate towards man as the poodle.Her name is Hayes Blake Hoyt, 1920 to 1960 won the westminsters dog show- the first poodle to do so, with the “Duke”,

    Love to you and every one for xmas.

  61. 2013 November 24
    Denise permalink

    I can’t seem to find a price for this book anywhere. Anyone know the cost?

  62. 2013 December 15
    zoe permalink


    hi i am Zoe and i am 15 and getting a mini poodle i dont know how old she is but she has had no training. my parents are divorced and i will not always be with my Mia so how do i go about training her? not always be ing there? i know my father will help but how do i start potty training her? help please.

    -love zoe

  63. 2014 January 25
    Jennifer permalink

    Candy, my toy poodle, was very hard to train. She’s so clever and smart that I think she recognized she was being trained and starting acting mischievously just to see what she could get away with. So it took a few months, but it finally worked (usually). She’s 7 now and super well behaved, unless she has a lot of energy, in which case all bets are off!

  64. 2014 January 27
    Lacey permalink

    Hi my name is Lacey I am 13 and I have an 11 year old poodle who is very hyper and likes to be with me at all times he very protective or me and my younger sister but he doesn’t listen I try and try and try to teach him but he just won’t do anything we have a one year old Pomeranian cross and he can sit stay role over speck and hifive and I use the same methods with Elliot the poodle but it didn’t work also I will be living in deprecate houses some times at my dads and then at my mums so he will be staying at my Nan’s please help I need it desperately

  65. 2014 March 20
    Liz permalink

    Does anyone have a black toy poodle for sale in san antonio tx?

  66. 2014 May 29
    Liv permalink

    I have a boy and girl, litter matter. she is a sweet girl, he is always whimpering, crying, howling and barking while created. started out together, then separated them. at first he was fine but now he won’t be quiet. I think he has separation anxiety because at times while holding him he’s shaking a little. how do I know if this is his problem and what can I do about it. I love then both and really want to see them happy. thanks in advance.

  67. 2014 November 23
    Cheri Coulon permalink

    We have a 2 yr old toy poodle. We’ve tried everything to train her but to no avail. Two problems- one is if the outside door is open just a little she shoots out and we have to chase her down. It is very scary for us as we live near a very busy street. We have to chase her down-sometimes it takes us up to half an hour to catch her. She won’t come to us. We are elderly and this is a real scary challenge to us. She acts like we are playing a game of chase enjoying it fully. We have to somehow run and try to herd her into the corner of one of our neighbors yards next to a fence to catch her. The second problem is house training. She has a doggy door and our other dog has never peed in the house but if it is raining or the grass is wet our poodle pees in the house. We put down pads and sometimes she will use them and sometimes not. Sometimes she will even pee on our bed. Is she too old to train? Will this book deal with training an older dog who has learned bad habits? Thank you

  68. 2014 December 14
    Jean permalink

    Hi Emily, We have a black standard female that we got when she was a year old. We have had her a year. One big problem and that is when she is retrieving, (her favorite thing in the whole world), if she doesn’t see where the ball went, you can’t get her attention in any way, no matter what you do. Also, if you have her stay while you throw the ball and then send her, she doesn’t seem to be able to mark in her mind where the ball went. She goes in a search pattern of her own, and will not ever look at you. I have trained retrievers before (labs and goldens,) and the poodle minds does not work the same. With my previous dogs i was able to take it in steps and get them to do anything on command when they were retrieving. Will this book help with this problem? Also, she does not want to be left alone. Will this book help with that? If you scold this dog she just gets really happy and excited. I know it is not because she is not getting enough attention because we are both retired, and have 10 acres, and we wear her out retrieving a couple of times a day and she is with us constantly, both inside the house and outside. As I said, her brain does not work in any way shape or form like any other dog I have ever had. I am baffled???? do you think I will find some of the answers in this book. If so, I will buy it right away. Thanks, Jean A.

  69. 2014 December 15
    Stefanie permalink

    how do you teach a poodle not to Bark?

  70. 2015 January 8

    Please tell how can I train my dog Angel for free shes all I got im disabled people who have a fixed income shes the best I ever spend my money on her to get her buy her please help its hard just to make sure shes needs help me

  71. 2015 May 19
    Rebecca permalink

    I love all articles about poodles. Since I have owned poodles all my life I have to agree with your article wholeheartedly.
    Very nicely done!!

  72. 2015 August 29

    I have a 10 year old female toy poodle, and a male standard poodle puppy. I have had other poodles in the past also. I see that the standard poodle is different than the smaller poodles. They require a lot of time and energy as larger dogs do, and have the sensitivity that poodles do. Do you have any tips for Starndard poodles?

  73. 2016 January 18
    Blue Poodle permalink

    Hi Emily,

    I’m getting a dog this year around Christmas and I was wondering how to potty train a poodle puppy. He is going to be about 8 weeks old when we get him. Thank you!!!

    Blue Poodle

  74. 2016 June 2
    Jessica permalink

    Hi Emily, my names Jessica my question is totally unrelated to dog training lol. But I’ve wanting a poodle for soo long now! I’ve read books about them researched them ect. You name it! But I can not find eny poodle puppies for sale! And would love to know we’re you got your beautiful two poodles Ki Ki and Leo? If you can help me out Emily or even just point me to the right direction I’d appreciate it very much!
    Thanks xx

  75. 2016 June 11
    rose permalink

    Hi my miniature poodle is on heat we haven’t meat any owners of boy dogs that want to have puppies if you no any body please reply also it has to be a miniature poodle its colour has to be orange or red
    Thank you

  76. 2016 July 7
    Sarah permalink

    I have a 6 month old standard poodle boy and I am looking for a trainer who loves poodles. Is live in northern suburbs of Melbourne. Any ideas please. Sarah’s and Herve

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